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John works for monetary reform through political action, to make green initiatives affordable, and to fully fund health and education systems. He is also passionate about researching and recording his family tree.
NB: This website is still a work in progress - bear with me as I continue to update the data and complete the upgrade!

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Welcome to John Pemberton's Webgate - his "Home Page".

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A gateway which provides links to all the information you need to know, about Money, Interest, and the Shortfall between total Incomes and the total Price of Goods & Services - all presented in tables and graph form.

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Debt, Debt and more Debt! We are nothing but slaves - DEBT SLAVES! The first page provides a summaryof New Zealand's debt - links follow from there to show the details of each catorgorie. Each section highlights New Zealand’s growing debt using graphs and data tables. Flip-counters also highlight the growing debt - second by second.

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Money and Debt Comment

This page provides links to documents, videos, podcasts, submissions, and blogs - about monetary reform. A link is also provided to a paper titled "New Economics - A Solution for the 21st Century".

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Just a small shop: JP-Publications; Make a donation; Email security products; and you can make a "tiny url".

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Want specfic information from John's site? Then go to my searchgate page, enter your key words in the Google Custom Search box. Results will be shown immediately.

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Access links to: Media-Releases, Blogs, Podcasts, Speeches, and News Feeds - mainly from a monetary reform point of view!

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Family Tree

John Pemberton's Family Tree Project started off to record all the decendants of Robert Pemberton (1788 - 1879), but has progressed from there to record the ancestors of my grand children. It hasn't stopped there as I'm now researching and recording the decendants of some other ancestors of mine ... where will it ever stop?

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Family Reunion

The Pemberton family reunion of the decendants of Charles ffrench and Eleanor Anne Pemberton took place at Geraldine, Central South Island, New Zealand - from Friday evening 2nd April 2010 through to Sunday morning 4th April 2010. Application can be made from this page to access photos of the event.

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All Sorts

A gateway to other items of interest: My favourite links; Website updates and changes; Calculators; Shop; Dictionary; Polls; Frequently asked questions; Weather; and access to a world clock.

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