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John works for monetary reform through political action, to make affordable green initiatives, provide a universal basic income, fully fund health and education systems. He is also passionate about researching and recording his family tree. To contact me click this link  [Political aspects of this website have been authorised by: Roxanne Hansen 59-61 Arawa Street Matamata.]


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Raf Manji - A case for a New Economic System. (Radio New Zealand podcast) 


Multi-purpose calculator - simple and compounding interest

Pay Yourself First - a detailed budget calculator

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Retirement Savings Calculator

 KiwiSaver Contributions Calculator


Monetary Policy Submission

Housing Affordability Submission

Independent Inquiry into Local Authority Rates

Money Creation

Debt Graphs (Summary)

Total Debt

Average Debt per Person

Housing Debt

Government Deb

Local Authority Debt

Corporate Overseas Debt

Consumer Debt

Business Debt

Interest on our Debt

Income Shortfall between Total Prices

Money Supply

Inflation Graph

DSC’s Plan for Financial Reform


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Monetary Reform


Debt, Money and Interest Data & Graphs


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