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At this stage the RSS feed is being used to keep everyone up to date with my website changes ...

Pay Yourself First Calculator - Mon 30-Jul-2012
Pay Yourself First - a detailed budget calculator
Main Gateway Pages - Icons Updated - Sun 24-Jul-2011
Their are several new icons now in place. They provide links from the main gateways to the various sections of the website
Various Graph Data being updated - Sun 24-Jul-2011
All debt data 7& graphs being updated and have started on others.
Kiwisaver Calculater updated - Sun 24-Jul-2011
Kiwisaver Calculater updated to reflect Budget 2011
Photos from Pemberton Family Reunion 2010 - Mon 03-Jan-2011
Pemberton Family Reunion 2010 - some photos now available
Money Supply and Domestic Credit (Debt) - Mon 03-Jan-2011
New Zealandís Money Supply and Domestic Credit (Debt) information, including graphs and data table
Public Debt - Month End Data available - Sun 02-Jan-2011
The New Zealand Government's Total Borrowings month end data available from October 2007
Local Government Debt - Sun 02-Jan-2011
Individuals examples of the debt burdens carried by Local Government
Local Territorial Authority interest cost - Sun 19-Dec-2010
Local Territorial Authority interest costs are now available - for all LTAs
Local Territorial Authority Debt - Sun 19-Dec-2010
Local Territorial Authority Debt figures now on one page
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