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corporate overseas 

Showing that we are nothing but debt slaves!

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Graphs and data

This page provides details of New Zealand's corporate overseas debt - the links below take you to other catorgories of New Zealand's debt and highlights our growing debt burdens, using graphs, data tables and flip-counters to show the growing debt - second by second...
Data is sourced from: Statistics New Zealand; Reserve Bank of New Zealand, and The Treasury - for more specific links click here.

New Zealand's corporate overseas debt

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Corporate overseas
debt data

Corporate overseas
debt graph

However you look at it, the debt keeps growing!

Corporate overseas
debt growth %

Corporate overseas
debt growth to GDP

Other debt pages

For more detail on the components of New Zealand's total debt, follow these links below to see graphs, data, and debt counters.

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Government core crown debt

Graphs, data and debt counters

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